Thursday, 29 April 2010

Heels and Achievements...

I love a sense of achievement. Achievement 1) I decided I was going to blog, TODAY, and, after tweeting this outrageous goal, (and therefore making myself accountable to the whole world of people that don't know I exist, let alone read my tweets, or go anywhere near this blog), here I am, tap-tapping at the keyboard, and shortly, or not so shortly as the case may be, those high-flying dreams of having a three post blog will be mine. I never denied being melodramatic.

Achievement 2) to make a start at getting pictures on this here page o' mine. Very almost there.

And the actual subject of this post... my recent goal 3) to become more accomplished in heel-wearing. Yes, a noble aim I'm sure you'll agree. So, here we are, many stilletto marks in the lino later. An updated blog, a picture, and hope for my one lone pair of heels to see daylight more often.


  1. Fantastic pic. You are very talented!

  2. Cute picture! I love it! I want heels in this exact color :) I also want to be better at walking in heels, is it worth the pain? :)