Monday, 22 February 2010

The immiscible- ideas and sleep.

Well, it's one of those nights... one where ideas spin and dance, and appear much more tantalizing and sparkling than they probably will in the cold light of morning. But might as well relish it and write it, instead of resenting the fact that I'm not asleep.

Last night, age ago that it feels, we watched Tim Burton's "Big Fish". Connie like. I know I'm rather partial to his stuff, but that I'm unfamiliar with far too much of it, so I've resolved to amend this. (Today I actually went so far as to watch the trailer for Sweeney Todd, and was surprised to discover that I am willing to sit through the gore, it looks SO worth it :D.) There's an unpenned list in me, of films that totally inspire me... just give me 'get up 'n go'... to go create....

And tonight, as I sat, boogly-eyed, watching the BAFTAs, it got itself on that list... 

(... though admittedly not just a film, but I think it counts :s!)

Tonight I fancy myself a Film-Maker, a Cameraman, a Cinematographer, a Director, an Actress, a Singer, a Dancer, a West End Leading Lady, a Choreographer, a Makeup Artist, a Set Designer, a Costume Designer, a Fashion Designer, an Animator, a Story Teller/Spinner, a Traveller, an Art Student, an Illustrator, a Sew-er not a sewer... and on that bizarre note, it can be an end.

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